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Services - Laser Therapy

LASER = Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The ancient Greek physicians used "Light Therapy." They noticed that direct sunlight aided in the healing of fractures.  Today we know the ultra-violet rays in sunlight stimulate vitamin D. Vitamin D enhances the absorption and utilization of calcium that is responsible for bone health.  Therefore, using laser (light waves) to aid in healing is not a totally new idea.

The wavelength of the therapeutic laser beam is much different from that of the surgical laser beam. It affords deep tissue penetration but will not cut nor burn tissue.  The wave stimulates energy production in the injured cell.  As the injured cell's energy increases, it is able to heal more rapidly.  Laser therapy helps: 1) Relieve Pain, 2) Reduce Inflammation, 3) Accelerate Tissue Repair and Wound Healing, 4) Inhibit scar tissue formation, 5) Improve Nerve Function and 6) Regulate the Immune system.

Therapeutic Laser Treatments are non-invasive and non-painful.  The patient is awake and only needs minimal restraint.  The treatments are short, no more than 20 minutes, and can be performed during a scheduled office visit.  Laser therapy is a great addition to, and sometimes can be a substitute for, medical or surgical treatment.

Buford's tail was amputated because of a large tumor. The laser treatment speeds healing and reduces pain.

Sam suffers from arthritis.  Regular laser treaments keep him comfortable and mobile.

Little Ed had a ruptured disk.  Laser treatments speed healing and help with post surgical discomfort.

Tom's gums will feel much better after the laser treatment.
Buster's Testimony

Buster's original wounds

Buster's wounds after 1 treatment

Buster's wounds after 2 treatments

Buster's wounds after several treatments

Buster's leg after just six treatments!

Thursdays are senior discount days. 10% discount on procedures for senior clients (65+) or senior pets (7+).

THIS ---->https://carepetsahcom.vetmatrixbase.com/services/laser-therapy.html

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