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Services - Boarding

At Care-Pets Animal Hospital, we offer boarding services for our established patients.  Our facility is designed to accommodate a limited number of cats and dogs of various sizes.  This service is great for pets with medical conditions requiring medications or other special needs while their owners are out of town.  All of our runs and kennels are contained inside our hospital which allows for the optimal comfort of a heated and air-conditioned controlled environment.  Each boarding guest has their own private run or kennel.  We also provide plenty of soft bedding and food bowls for all of our boarding guests.  Your pet is attended to at least twice each day.  At these times, staff members feed our guests, change water bowls, clean kennels and litter boxes, give any needed medications and leash walk our canine guests.  Care-Pets gladly provides a gentle intestinal diet as part of our boarding service, but guests with special dietary needs are encouraged to bring their own food from home.  Space is limited so call in advance to reserve a spot for your pet.

Walking Dog
One of our boarding guests out for an afternoon walk.


Unfortunately, we do not offer full service grooming at our facility.  However, we do offer grooming services for dogs in need of medicated baths.  This service is reserved for our established patients only.  As part of their bathing experience we also include a nail trim, ear cleaning and we express their anal glands.  We also accommodate our long-haired feline patients with lion cuts or shave downs.  The majority of cats do not find hair clippers appealing, so sedation is usually required and will greatly lessen the stress level for your cat.  As with dogs, cats also receive a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning.  Grooming procedures are only performed on certain days of the week, so give us a call for more information.

Maggie receiving a medicated bath.

Thursdays are senior discount days. 10% discount on procedures for senior clients (65+) or senior pets (7+).

THIS ---->https://carepetsahcom.vetmatrixbase.com/services/boarding---grooming.html

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