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Services - Birds, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas Oh My!

Veterinary care is important for your birds and small mammal companions. Many veterinary facilities do not provide services for these animals; however the doctors at Care-Pets have taken special interest in the care of these species. Veterinary services for exotic companion animals include: wellness exams, husbandry consultations, behavior consultations, and diagnostic testing.

Wellness Exam

Routine wellness exams every 6 months to 1 year are just as important in birds and small mammals, as they are in dogs and cats. Wellness exams are not a guarantee that your pet will be healthy for their entire life. However, a wellness exam can provide early detection of disease, allowing many diseases to be treated before they become a life-threatening problem.

Physical exam on a rabbit.


Most exotic pets have very specific requirements for housing, lighting, temperatures, and feeding. Husbandry consultations are most beneficial before you bring your new pet home, so that you can get your animal off to the right start. Husbandry consultations can also be done as part of your new pet's initial wellness exam.


Behavior consultations are primarily for our bird patients. Some of our feathered friends develop problems with excessive vocalization, biting, and feather plucking. These problems can have a medical component, but are often behavioral. Modifications in training, daily interactions, and feeding strategies can often help manage or overcome unwanted behaviors.

Preparing for an intramuscular injection for a Cockatiel.


Many of the same diagnostic testing used in dogs and cats can also be used in our birds and small mammals. Blood work, x-rays, and fecal exams are the most common diagnostic tests. Blood work can be used for routine wellness screening, testing for diseases, and determining the sex of your bird. X-rays and ultrasound can be helpful in evaluating the internal organs of your pet. Fecal exams can help evaluate the digestive system and help determine if any parasites are present. Many other diagnostic tests are available and are recommended on a case by case basis.

For more information on caring for your pet give us a call at 812-246-6146 to schedule an appointment today.  Our veterinarians are waiting to meet your furry and feathered friends.

Thursdays are senior discount days. 10% discount on procedures for senior clients (65+) or senior pets (7+).

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